Monday, January 21, 2008


My school semester just started, and as a result I wont be posting as much as I'd like.

This is the first time in my young life that I have stayed up to date on the primaries for the presidential nominees. At first, I found it very fascinating. Now I am just sickened by it and considering giving up on our political system.

Here are my observations -

1. The key to winning the primaries is gaining momentum. The more momentum you have, the more people will vote or caucus for you because they want to support a potential winner. It isn't so much about which candidate's views that state supports, as much as its which candidate does the state feel will actually have a shot to win at the national convention and become the nominee. Some may feel that Ron Paul aligns the closest to their political views, but because he doesn't have a shot they will vote or caucus for John McCain because he represents the parties' strongest candidate.

2. Because of the above the media has the biggest influence on the primaries. They choose who to publicize as the front-runner in the primaries and caucuses. But the media is bias and irresponsible so who they claim is the actual front-runner is not always correct. But by painting them the front-runner they are gaining more votes for the candidate because again, people want to vote for a winner.

3. The media sucks. That is the best way I can think to put it. The AP journalists are the most irresponsible biggoted group of writers I have read. Yet they have the most control on momentum. Shame.

Case in point -

As I have stated on this blog I support Barack Obama. Even though I'm a Mormon I do not support and will not vote for Mitt Romney. But it has been hard for me not to notice the subtle jabs that AP journalists have taken at him.

One article in particular really upset me.

They referred to John McCain as "Senator John McCain." But they referred to Mitt Romney as "Multi-millionare Mitt Romney" and said nothing about him being a former governor.

They said that Mitt Romney had only won 1 state. When this article was written he had won three. I understand that Wyoming and Nevada may not be considered as strong as Michigan, but that article did not state one "major" state, it just said one state. It commended Romney for winning Nevada and proceeded to say "a state known for its gambling, prostitution and illegal activities." It also stated that a political analyst thinks if Romney's strategy is to currently get strong Mormon states to vote for him it wont work.

Give me a break! This is the most bias piece of garbage! But this is our media ladies and gentleman. They have already crowned Mr. McCain the presidential nominee and they are trying to convince the public that other candidates such as Mitt Romney should drop out. What a load of huey!

They don't mention that Romney has won the most states and has the most delegates! No, that would be inaccurate. Yet that is exactly what they are reinforcing in articles about Barack Obama because he is the media's favorite candidate.

How long will America support this crap?

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