Wednesday, January 9, 2008

America, Please Don't Do It!

America, please don't do it.

Please don't nominate Hillary Clinton creating the possibility of the Bush/Clinton Era being extended another 4 years.

Please don't nominate someone so fake, so cardboard and insincere.

Please don't nominate the wife of a former President who did not respond to the several terrorist attacks on this country that foreshadowed 9/11. A former President that was immoral enough to bring his adultry into the Oval Office, stupid enough to get caught and then lie about it.

Please don't nominate someone so self-serving that sways to political opinions based on how it will advance her political career and boast her net worth.

Please don't nominate someone that may force me to vote for Mike Huckabee!*

America, please don't do it.

*I don't think Huckabee will be elected, but that is how much I dislike Hillary!

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Josh said...

But she cried, she can't be THAT fake?

Great photo.