Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FEMA may kill more Louisianna residents than Katrina

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Research has shown that trailers issued to Katrina victims by FEMA contained formaldehyde fumes up to five times the safe level. As a result many children who lived in these trailers for extended periods of time have developed respitory problems, including asthma. Doctors fear that many children will also develop cancer later in life.

FEMA knew about this potential danger in 2006 but did not start pushing to get residents out of trailers until February of this year.

From AP: "It's tragic that when people most need the protection, they are actually going from one disaster to a health disaster that might be considered worse," said Christopher De Rosa, assistant director for toxicology and risk assessment at the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, an arm of the CDC. "Given the longer-term implications of exposure that went on for a significant period of time, people should be followed through time for possible effects."

Is FEMA not one of the worst relief and assistance agencies known to man? Some may call me extreme, but I really can't help but consider that this neglect is primarily due to the poverty and race of the affected residents of Katrina. I cannot see this happening in a middle-class suburb of mostly white residents.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm glad someone still cares about laws...

This just in -

Court: Texas had no right to take polygamists' kids

Let there be no confusion, I am LDS not FLDS. I do not support polygamy nor do I support underage marriages or even arranged marriages. I don't condone any crimes that occur within the FLDS compound. Not one bit.

But I also don't support breaking laws and robbing someone of their privacy rights. I was absolutely DISGUSTED when I heard the news of Child Services raiding the compound taking hundreds of children into custody.

They were roped in and led out like a herd of cattle all based on one phone call claiming rape and most likely years of misunderstanding and prejudice.

Bring the offenders to justice and protect the children, but don't take hundreds of children away from their mothers based on a phone call or a fear of endangerment not supported by evidence. If there are wrongdoings, do your job and support it by gathering evidence and going through the proper judicial process.

I don't see how it is in the child's best interest to take them away from their mothers without knowing if any wrongdoing occured and then hand them out to foster parents across the State. Or better yet keep them in another compound that has such poor conditions you have to later move them due to reported illnesses. That is really looking out for the children!

Just because something is "different" or we don't understand it or we fear it, doesn't mean our laws can be violated. Somebody needs to tell that to Child Protective services - and George Bush for that matter.

Everyone has rights, even children and women who have multiple marriage partners and look like mindless drones. As Americans, we need to preserve and protect their rights.

Developments -

15 of the 31 suspected underage females are actually of age. 1 of them is 27! Another great example of superb work by our government's social programs!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Time to turn off the television

My wife and I have wanted to turn off the boob tube for some time now. We notice a more peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in our home when the television is put on vacation. But unfortunately I am an addict and need my sitcoms like a druggie needs his heroine.

Even as a television junkie I can't help but notice the disgusting and perverted shows that have found their way to prime time. A few examples are Lipstick Jungle and Desperate Housewives, which glorify fornication and adultery to levels that would make station managers just 10 years ago have a stroke.

When I hear of these shows I wonder if the world we live in has become that corrupt. Do we truly see our marriages as play things and see no harm in subjecting them to relationships on the side or total disregard.

I hope not.

In CBS's Summer lineup a new low will be reached. They will be airing the show "Swingtown" which takes a look at the sexual revolution of the 70s. This will include marriages that embrace openness to other sexual partners - referred to as "swingers." I am appalled by this direction and if I ever needed a reason to throw the tv out the window this is it.

But I will continue to watch my sitcoms supporting what I criticize and look down on.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm Back!

Friends, after a long absence from the blogosphere I have returned. Our little family has been busy with the challenges of preparing for the upcoming arrival of our new baby daughter in August. It hasn't been easy on my bride and to make matters worse my work in undergoing many changes that have also required much of my time.

But alas, I'm back.

I do not have much to say besides I am amazed that Hillary Clinton continues to put her needs above those of the Democratic Party, but I am definately not surprised. It is hard to forsee her ever admitting defeat. I can imagine her trying to push through legal actions concerning Florida and Michigan past the November elections. A Clinton cannot stand to lose.

The War in Iraq continues. I received an email from a friend yesterday saying that we have captured the leader of Al Queda in Iraq, and that it boggles their mind that there are those that still question the war. While I accept that there will always be different points of view on this topic, it boggles my mind that their are many people that still wont admit that terrorism was not an issue in Iraq until AFTER we overthrew their government setting the stage for an insurgency. They tie 9/11 and Iraq together as having a cause and effect relationship that just isn't there. Stand up for the War in Iraq, but please do so with the facts, not the fabricated fear-mongering lie of the Bush Administration.

Our economic condition scares me. I want to be positive and see this as a recession that will be temporary. But their are so many factors with credit and investing that remind me of the Great Depression. And even though I support Obama, I can honestly say I don't think any of the three remaining candidates have the experience on economic issues to get my vote. My hope is that whoever wins will surround themselves with the best and brightest economic minds.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Delegates and Debates: The political games Clinton brings to the table

It's a pretty clear -

Michigan and Florida violated national democratic convention rules by moving their primary dates up. The DNC voted to take away their delegates for this violation. As a result of this violation and the stripping away of delegates Barack Obama did not campaign in these states. With Hillary Clinton the only viable candidate in those primaries she won easily.

But now that Clinton and Obama are neck and neck guess who is calling for the Michigan and Florida delegates to be seated despite their party's ruling? Ofcourse, it's Hillary Clinton! And what makes the situation even more spectacular is the spokesman, Harold Ickes, for Clinton's campaign that is pushing for this personally voted IN FAVOR of taking away these states' delegates! What was his reasoning?

"There's been no change," Ickes said. "I was not acting as an agent of Mrs. Clinton. We had promulgated rules and those rules said the timing provision ... provides for certain sanctions, automatic sanctions as a matter of fact, if a state such as Michigan or Florida violates those timing provisions."

"With respect to the stripping, I voted as a member of the Democratic National Committee. Those were our rules and I felt I had an obligation to enforce them," he said.

So he is openly admitting that the reason for the change in position (which he admits to but denies at the same time!) is that he is now speaking for Clinton's campaign and not the DNC.

This is just a prime example of the Clintons at work.

Another beef that Clinton is expressing in her campain's commercials is Obama's decline to invitations to debate. Her staff was calling for 4 extra debates within a four week period. Obama's staff wisely saw this as a way to take away their momentum and declined. All Clinton had to do is throw in some racial comments or other controversial statements and presto - we have her back in the spotlight.

Clinton is exploited these declines as Obama not willing to express or discuss his positions. What a joke!

Please America - See Hillary Clinton for who she really is.

A Lesson in Diversity

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I have been wanting to write about this experience for a long time and a break in school work has given me the chance!

A Lesson in Diversity